The Growth Track is centered on what we want for you more than just what we want you to know about Cross Church. We want you to discover your calling in life and how you can live out that calling everyday so that you can experience a full life in Christ. Our goal is for you to become a true kingdom influencer everyday of your life. We want this for you because we believe People Need Jesus, People Need Each Other, People Change the World, and People Leave Legacies.

Week 1
People Need Jesus

We want to give you the opportunity to understand the importance of personally experiencing a relationship with Jesus and the necessity of following Christ in Believer’s Baptism.

This class meets the first Sunday of each month in the following locations:

Fayetteville Week 1

Week 2
People Need Each Other

We want you to experience community and connectedness centered in corporate worship, small groups, and service to the kingdom of God. These three aspects of community allow us to continually connect with others at Cross Church

Fayetteville Week 2

Week 3
People Change the World

Discover your purpose through looking at your spiritual gifts, as well as your personality style. This reveals how you can use your gifts and personality for kingdom influence.

Fayetteville Week 3

Week 4
People Leave Legacies

It is our desire for you that we as a church helped you to leave a legacy to those who surrounded you. When you think about leaving a legacy, we want you to think about how you invested your time, your talents, and your treasures for the kingdom of God.

Fayetteville Week 4

Growth Track Intensive

In the intensive you will have the opportunity to go through all four weeks of the Growth Track in one session!

Springdale Intensive     Pinnacle Hills Intensive    Fayetteville Intensive     Neosho Intensive

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Please select the campus you attend on one of the buttons below to begin the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

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